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  • bug fixes

    • user resources not loading when using an external browser
    • advanced syntaxes resolution order issue
  • advanced syntaxes

    • display an error in the console in some unsupported advanced syntaxes use cases


  • bug fixes
    • mac: unable to show launcher windows when starting minimized


  • bug fixes

    • scripting: getProp() now correctly returns a copy of the property if it is an object
    • prevent infinite loop when loading widgets with complex inter-dependencies
    • modal: layout issue on iOS 15+
  • widgets

    • dropdown: allow resubmitting the same value
    • switch: allow resubmitting the same value
    • plot: missing logScaleX and logScaleY properties
    • xy/multixy: add axisLock property; allow locking one the axis by holding Shift while dragging if axisLock is not set, bypasses it otherwise.
    • knob/fader/range: add colorKnob property
  • launcher

    • on Mac, start hidden if Start minimized is set
    • allow dropping files into file fields
  • custom module

    • expose tcpServer to allow monitoring the state of tcp connections


  • bug fixes

    • rare issue that made the last widget(s) in a container disappear when other widgets in the same container had a specific property dependency pattern
  • remote control

    • /EDIT* commands sent by a custom module are not affected by the server's read-only option anymore
  • widgets

    • input: allow using a number in numeric to specify stepping value for mousewheel interaction
    • root: add onPreload scripting property


  • bug fixes

    • sliders: error when steps is an array
  • scripting

    • stateSet: add optional {send: false} flag


  • bug fixes
    • code editor: issue when middle clicking in the editor on linux
    • code editor: modern js operators such as ** not recognized
    • sliders: prevent error when steps is not a number, add auto mode for using ranges values as steps (it did not work before)
    • pads, range: value not initialized as an array, causing errors in some cases
    • modal: popup not closing when doubleTap is true


  • bug fixes

    • custom module: receive() not passing boolean arguments properly
    • fix --authentication on iOS clients
  • editor

    • display current widget value in the value property's help modal


  • bug fixes
    • input: rendering issues with big font sizes
    • panel: tab rendering issue when initialized with a non-numeric value
    • panel: minor style issue in tab navigation bar
    • scripting: scripting functions not working inside browseFile() callback
    • scripting: using external: true in set() should prevent affected widget from sending any message
    • button: inconsistent value in push mode with decoupled enabled when setting value from script


  • bug fixes
    • textarea: escape key not restoring previous value
    • scripting: setFocus(id) not affecting textarea widgets
    • led, text, variable: value not synchronized between different clients
    • error when running from sources on Mac


  • bug fixes
    • regression in inter-widget sync mechanism
    • regression breaking set() function in scripts
    • textarea: display nothing instead of "null" when receing no value, null or an empty string


  • bug fixes

    • multixy: doubleTap not working on touch devices
    • button: x and y variables not passed to onValue when doubleTap is true on touch devices
    • advanced syntax: update issue with clones using their own value in their properties
    • client: minor keyboard shortcut issues
    • panel: mitigate client synchronization issue with scrollbars
  • widgets

    • menu: add a background to menu items to help distinguish them
    • menu: merge different interaction modes into a single mode property
    • menu: add swipe mode
  • remote control

    • /STATE/SET: add optional argument to prevent widgets from sending their value


  • bug fixes
    • editor: regression breaking widget context menu actions under "Position" submenu
    • touch devices: touchend event not fired on elements removed/detached during touchstart/touchmove callbacks (caused issues when switching tabs using a button inside a tab)


  • bug fixes

    • launcher: Ctrl+M keyboard shortcut not working
    • widgets: regression incurring a small delay before resolving a property that depends on a widget's own value
    • server: --client-size and --client-position options not parsed correctly
  • advanced syntaxes

    • support @{} inside IMPORT{}


  • bug fixes

    • widgets: circular value feedback issues
    • editor: ctrl + e not working when hit multiple times without releasing ctrl
    • mobile: "prevent sleep" feature not working
  • widgets

    • patchbay: add in, out and both modes to exclusive property
    • panel: replace verticalTabs property with tabsPosition (supports 4 directions)
  • custom module

    • add optional errorCallback argument toloadJSON and saveJSON
  • server

    • print multiple qrcodes if multiple network interfaces are available and prevent printing a qrcode for the localhost address
  • misc

    • add linux rpm packages


  • bug fixes

    • linkId not working between two encoder widgets
    • fader: gradient breakpoints not positioned correctly
    • canvas: onDraw() called twice when calling updateCanvas()
  • midi

    • optional rpn/nrpn parsing as single messages
  • widgets

    • keyboard: incoming values different than the off property are now interpreted as on
  • editor

    • when focusing the label property with F2, select all text in the text area
    • preserve scroll position in code editor when validating
    • display the id of selected widget in the inspector's header
  • scripting

    • expose file browser (from the file widget) as a scripting function
  • custom module

    • don't restrict file extension in loadJSON() and saveJSON functions
  • misc

    • add polish locales (@ Manz4rk)
    • add css classes to some notification popups to allow targetting them with css themes


  • bug fixes

    • keyboard widget: linkId not working (unable to link 2 keyboard widgets)
    • slides: issues with ranges containing decimal keys
  • launcher

    • add menu options to show the qr code again
    • mac: change "List MIDI devices" keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+m
  • widgets

    • image: add support for special value "qrcode"
  • misc

    • add german locales (@ Magnus Reichel)
    • package file names changed to follow debian's convention
    • add a cli option to disable the qr code (--no-qrcode)


  • bug fixes

    • custom module: fix autoreload on nested submodules
  • launcher

    • print a qrcode when the server starts to help connecting mobile devices
  • editor

    • horizontal scrolling issues with maximized code editor
  • widgets

    • switch/menu/dropdown: add a syntax that supports duplicate labels in values property
  • custom module

    • expose global object that persists accross module reloads.
  • scripting

    • onCreate: expose value


  • bug fixes

    • scripting: prevent some functions to be marked as undefined
    • advanced syntaxes: ignores quotes around file path in IMPORT{}
  • launcher

    • add Start minimized menu option
  • misc

    • change noFocus client option behavior: the default client window now doesn't take the focus at all, even when a text input is clicked.
    • colorize debug messages for sent and received osc/midi messages
  • scripting

    • add setFocusable() function to change the focusability of the window on the fly (allows reenabling focus temporarily to interact with a text widget using a dedicated toggle button for example)
    • add reload() function
    • expose Navigator object with getNavigator()
  • widgets

    • fragment: add fallback property


  • bug fixes
    • regression breaking touch move events on desktop touchscreens


  • bug fixes
    • editor zoom: adjust root widget size when zooming out


  • editor

    • add keyboard shortcut "h" to hide selection and widget drag / resize handles while pressed
    • inspector: add some shortcut buttons in the header
  • widgets

    • add folder widget (flat container that doesn't affect layout)
    • input: add maxLength property
    • multixy: allow setting its own value from onValue script while touched
  • ui

    • add a virtual onscreen keyboard for desktop clients (can be enabled from the clients main menu)
    • change local zoom (alt+scroll) behavior so that it only affect widgets and add scrollbars to navigate while zooming instead of following the mouse
  • server

    • client-options: add virtualKeyboard option to enable virtual keyboard by default (desktop clients only)


  • bug fixes
    • button: regression in push mode (on value not passed to onValue script when triggered from another widget)
    • button: decoupled push mode returning wrong value when activated from a widget script


  • bug fixes
    • canvas: onTouch not triggered on iOS when when event.force, event.altitudeAngle or event.azimuthAngle changes
    • switch: interaction issue when value labels contain icons
    • ios: attempt to fix rendering glitch when waking up after sleep


  • widgets
    • button: add decoupled property, compatible with all button modes
    • button: remove decoupled mode


  • bug fixes

    • client script source map not loading (helps providing useful error messages)
  • widgets

    • button: add decoupled mode (toggle mode that only updates its state when it receives a value from osc/midi messages)
    • button: add client option altTraversing to allow one-way response to traversing gestures for toggle buttons
    • canvas: iOS: trigger onTouch when event.force, event.altitudeAngle or event.azimuthAngle updates
    • knob: add snap-alt mode (snap mode that allows jumping between range.min and range.max)
    • all: add borderRadius property
  • scripting

    • add updateCanvas() function (forces a canvas widget to redraw)
  • remote control

    • /NOTIFY: if multiple arguments are provided, interpret the first one as the icon's name for the client notification
  • midi

    • on Mac, name virtual ports after the device name to avoid confusion
  • server

    • client-options: add clientSync option to allow disabling client synchronization
    • client-options: add altTraversing option
  • editor

    • add F2 keyboard shortcut to bring label property input into view if selected widget has one


  • bug fixes

    • editor: error when ctrl+clicking on a root's child
    • range: multitouch interaction issue
  • widget

    • knob / encoder: sensitivity and ctrl+drag gesture preserve circular mode behavior
    • knob / encoder: snap mode now works like circular mode except for the touch start event (value can't jump from start to end anymore)
    • patchbay: add exclusive option
  • editor

    • allow interacting with a widget without selecting it by using the middle mouse button or by holding shift+win (shift+cmd on mac).


  • bug fixes
    • visibility property update issues


  • bug fixes

    • modal: display issue when a modal receives the same value multiple times
    • patchbay: outputs property not handling object value properly
    • server: resolution conflict between app files and user files
  • widgets

    • patchbay: trigger onValue script when a connection changes
  • misc

    • windows: allow accessing other drives than the default one (list drives when the file browser reaches the filesystem's root)


  • bug fixes

    • custom module: submodules not loading their own submodules with relative paths properly
    • custom module: issue with circular submodule requires
    • server: harmless error message when importing css files from the main theme file
    • server: allow using folder names "client" and "assets" for user files (eg for images used in a session)
  • widgets

    • canvas: add onResize script property
    • scripting: expose javascript's Image constructor


  • bug fixes

    • widget visibility not updated properly when set as a non-boolean value
  • widgets

    • tabs: detach hidden tabs from the DOM (reduces lag caused by heavy tabs)


  • bug fixes
    • eq widgets not properly converted when importing v0 sessions
    • image paths with url queries not loaded properly
    • @{} syntax not returning truncated value according to the widget's precision property (fixed for primitive values only, object values are still returned as is)


  • advanced syntaxes
    • @{} and VAR{} that return objects / arrays do not return a copy of their value anymore as it may introduce a significant overhead when used extensively. Mutating these objects in #{} and JS{} scripts will now affect the actual values and should be avoided at all cost.
  • widgets
    • comments property flagged as dynamic
    • multixy: add doubleTap property


  • bug fixes
    • range: value update issue (internal touch state not updated properly)
    • scripting: send(): ignore ignoreDefaults property
    • script: onKeyboard script not cleaned upon edition / removal
    • editor: some variables not appearing as defined in onKeyboard


  • bug fixes

    • matrix: property resolution issue with object/array items in props
    • bypass client option nofocus=1 when the editor is enabled
    • menu/dropdown: display label when value is undefined
  • misc

    • updated midi bridge: provide more information when loading fails; may fix some compatibility issue on windows


  • bug fixes
    • ios: prevent server error related to the use of cookies
    • scripting: getVar() now returns a copy of the variable to prevent mutations on saved object


  • bug fixes

    • matrix: advanced property issue in props property (bis)
  • editor

    • inspector: add solo mode with alt+click for category panels


  • bug fixes
    • matrix: advanced property issue in props property


  • bug fixes
    • interaction issue ("deadzone") on touch screens
    • main menu not hidden when read-only is set
    • osc messages containing unicode characters not encoded correctly


  • bug fixes
    • modal: scroll state not restored when the modal container is recreated
    • server: allow spaces and accentuated characters in client id


  • bug fixes

    • prevent flickering on canvas based widgets when they are recreated
  • editor

    • added code editor for html and css properties
  • remote control

    • add /RELOAD command


  • bug fixes

    • editor: prevent accessing non-editable widgets with right arrow
    • multixy: regression causing interaction issue
  • widgets

    • add lock property to all widgets
  • launcher

    • add Autostart menu option
  • misc

    • update FontAwesome icon font to version 6


  • bug fixes
    • inspector: script editor: cursor alignment issue in indented lines
    • clone: prevent freeze and print an error when attempting to create a circular clone
    • modal: regression on android that prevents focusing input widgets in modals


  • bug fixes
    • session loading error with some malformed property cases


  • bug fixes

    • broken console interpreter since v1.14.0
  • widgets

    • button: add momentary mode for sending messages with no value; prevent button from getting stuck when on and off are equal in momentary and tap modes
  • inspector

    • color picker: inline picker widget (no longer in a modal); show color changes on the fly
    • code editor: validate input with cmd+enter instead of ctrl+enter on Mac
  • scripting

    • screen.height and screen.width always returns the current screen dimensions
    • added screen.orientation global variable
  • misc

    • some performance improvements


  • bug fixes

    • osc receivers (OSC{} syntax) now apply the same rule as widgets regarding midi messages (only receive if the message's origin matches one of the host widget's midi targets)
    • modal: rendering issue on iOS
    • button: locals.touchCoords not updated since v1.14.0
  • widgets

    • clone/fragment: remove scripting properties as they are supposed to be overridden in props


  • bug fixes
    • context-menu: double click issue in submenus on small touch screens
    • clone/fragment: broken onDraw / onTouch scripts if cloned widget is a canvas

1.14.0, 1.14.1#

  • bug fixes

    • misc: sending typed arguments ({type, value} objects) should override the widget's typeTags definition
    • multixy: errors when ephemeral is true
    • scripting: setVar not affecting all widgets when multiple widgets match provided id
  • widgets

    • renamed script property to onValue, draw to onDraw, touch to onTouch
    • added onCreate script property to all widgets
    • added onTouch script to widgets that supported the touch state variable in scripts (now deprecated)
    • script: added onKeyboard property, removed event property
    • canvas: expose additional touch event informations (radiusX, radiusY, rotationAngle and iOS-only altitudeAngle, azimuthAngle and touchType)
  • scripting

    • special keyword this now returns the string "this"
  • advanced syntaxes

    • added IMPORT{file} syntax to allow loading external files in properties
  • editor

    • add fullscreen mode for properties with code editor enabled


  • bug fixes

    • editor: keep relative sizes and positions when resizing multiple widgets at a time
  • widgets

    • canvas: expose touch pressure (as event.force) in the touch script.
    • canvas: expose touch events for extra elements added with the html property


  • bug fixes
    • editor: data loss when leaving the editor's focus with no modifications


  • bug fixes

    • scripting: storage.getItem() not returning anything
  • editor

    • new code editor for script, touch, draw and props properties with syntax highlighting, line numbers, etc
  • scripting

    • set(): add an option to prevent target widget's script
  • widgets

    • root: add hideMenu property
  • misc

    • minor cosmetic changes


  • widgets
    • new canvas widget (under pads): allows creating custom widgets
    • button: expose normalized touch coordinates in scripts as locals.touchCoords
    • print a warning in the console when using advanced syntaxes in the script property


  • bug fixes
    • client options specified in server config not working unless lowercased
    • make disconnection detection less aggressive (don't display notification if reconnection succeeds quickly)
    • panel: initial scroll state issue


  • bug fixes

    • menu: interaction issue on iOS
    • script: prevent script functions from being called in the wrong scope (ie when leaked using the globals object) and print an explicit error
    • containers: prevent errors with some color formats in colorWidget
    • theme: relative url not resolved correctly
  • widgets

    • when a panel contains widgets and has scroll set to true, its value will be used to represent the scroll position for x-axis and y-axis between 0 and 1.


  • bug fixes

    • config not persistent on windows
  • misc

    • read-only mode now hides and disables the main menu


  • bug fixes
    • certificate expiration issue
    • regression breaking colors in canvas-based widgets


  • bug fixes

    • sliders: ignore key order in range
    • sliders: handle mousewheel increment when starting from a value between two steps with steps property defined
    • inspector: allow scrolling in the help modal
    • console: fix command history behavior and increase history size
  • widgets

    • encoder: expose angle in script (as locals.angle)
    • new textarea widget (multi line input)
    • expose the computed dimensions of canvas-based widgets in css (as --widget-width and --widget-height) and script (as locals.width and locals.height)
  • client

    • add Save backup menu action (saves a backup copy of current session with an incremented suffix appended to the file name)


  • bug fixes
    • modal: remove html property
    • matrix: nested property inheritance (eg. @{id_@{id_x}}) not working in props


  • bug fixes
    • nested property inheritance (eg. @{id_@{id_x}}) not updating properly
    • canvas based widgets not updating when hidden


  • bug fixes
    • client options: options ignored if not lowercased
    • sliders: prevent errors for some edge-case range values


  • bug fixes

    • range: value not properly updated with set()
  • misc

    • (built-in client only) add nofocus client option to prevent the client window from taking focus unless a text input or a dropdown is clicked.


  • bug fixes

    • matrix: regression from 1.9.8 (broken nested @{} syntax in props property)
  • misc

    • midi: detect missing binary (eg when deleted by antivirus) and print a message


  • bug fixes
    • matrix: regression from 1.9.8


  • bug fixes

    • matrix: update children when props is modified even when the result for $ = 0 doesn't change
    • fragments: fragment widgets empty when reloading
    • panel: scrollbar issue on iOS 13+
  • scripting

    • expose console.clear()


  • bug fixes

    • issue when resizing widget using keyboard shortcuts
    • advanced syntaxes (VAR{}): avoid storing default value as string if it can be parsed as a javascript primitive (boolean, number, etc)
    • advanced syntaxes (VAR{}): ignore quotes around variable name
  • editor

    • change keyboard shortcuts for moving widgets (now mod + arrows) and navigating in widgets (now arrows) to feel more natural with the project tree view.
  • widgets

    • script: bypass keyboard shortcuts already used by the editor if it is enabled
    • matrix: removed ambiguous start property
    • matrix: advanced syntax blocks can be passed to children without being resolved at the matrix\' scope by adding an underscore before the opening bracket
    • text: add soft mode for the wrap property
    • input: improve numeric mode on iOS


  • bug fixes

    • advanced syntaxes: VAR{} not updating when the default value is edited
    • editor: fix "Bring to front" and "Send to back" context menu actions
  • ui

  • add keyboard shortcuts mod + "+" and mod + "-" to control zoom level

  • widgets

    • input: add numeric property (allows numeric values only and displays numeric keyboard on mobile devices)
    • button: add soft mode for the wrap property
    • switch: add wrap property
  • editor

    • display dropdown and checkbox for boolean properties with extra choices


  • bug fixes

    • advanced syntaxes: various issues and regressions
    • editor: preserve advanced syntaxes in left and top when pasting a widget
  • editor

    • tree: update widget visibility when it changes dynamically


  • bug fixes

    • prevent error with empty OSC{} blocks
    • regression breaking advanced syntax blocks containing nested brackets
  • advanced syntaxes

    • new syntax for creating and using custom variables in properties: VAR{name, default}
    • JS{} blocks don't require 2 brackets anymore (JS{{}} still works)
  • scripting

    • add getVar() and setVar() for reading and modifying custom variables. This allows modifying properties directly from scripts (if they contain VAR{} blocks).
    • expose session path as globals.session
  • editor

    • make tree item blink when hitting "Show in tree"
  • remote control

    • add /SCRIPT command to run scripts remotely


  • bug fixes

    • scripting: set() not working from a slider to a pad
    • tabs not sending messages / triggering scripts when clicked in editing mode
    • prevent hang with some syntax errors in advanced syntaxes
    • don't show project tree if minimized when creating a new widget (1.9.2 regression)
    • fix "ID + 1" paste for widgets with numeric ids
    • dropdown: reset the underlying dropdown when the widget's value is undefined
  • editor

    • tree: allow specifying multiple type filters
    • tree: add "Show in session" context menu action


  • bug fixes

    • visualizer: remove bars and dots option
    • plot: fix bars option
    • project tree: clear filter input when loading a session
    • server: fix serving files from paths containing accents
    • editor: keep editor open when loading a session
    • menu: prevent clipping in container on iOS
  • widgets

    • image: add pre defined values for size, position and repeat properties
    • text: add vertical alignment choices to align
  • editor

    • tree: add icons before widget ids depending on the category
    • tree: activate tab when selecting it in the project tree
    • tree: allow dragging widgets from a container to another
    • tree: expand container when a new widget is created inside it
    • tree: add support for filtering widgets by type (by typing type:fader for example)
    • smarter shift+drag selection: allow selecting widgets in the area when the event started on the parent container
    • select newly created widgets/tab except when copy-pasting
  • remote control

    • add /STATE/SEND command


  • bug fixes

    • button: allow writing strings like "1.0" in label without removing the decimals
    • editor: use css variable --grid-width at startup and after disabling & enabling the grid
    • launcher: regression preventing server halt when built-in client is closed manually beforehand
    • scripting: prevent crash (built-in client only) when using the variable navigator
  • widgets

    • menu/switch/dropdown: reset value to undefined when receiving a value that's not defined in values
  • scripting

    • expose instance of navigator Clipboard as globals.clipboard
  • midi

    • allow sending note off with velocity
    • add option for receiving note off with velocity
  • misc

    • v0->v1 session conversion: remove JS{{}} in script property


Warning Sessions saved with this version will not open in older versions (sessions saved with older version will open in this version).

  • bug fixes

    • remote-root option not applied on resources loaded by the client app (css images, etc)
    • input: display issue when resizing the window
    • launcher: cancel stopping the server when there are unsaved changes in the built-in client
  • editor

    • context menu: add export action to export a widget as a fragment file
    • show project tree if minimized when clicking on "Show in tree"
  • widget

    • new fragment widgets (under containers): embedded session or fragment file with overridable properties.
    • add comments property to all widgets
  • launcher

    • add Always on top menu toggle


  • bug fixes

    • editor: error when duplicating widget while if the clipboard is empty
    • ui: local zoom move issue when not in fullscreen
    • custom module: clearInterval() not working
    • regression breaking style attribute in html property
  • misc

    • faster local zoom


  • bug fixes

    • alt+shift+c not working when pressed before dragging
    • incremental pasting issue with address property
    • generate scrollbars for panels on iOS 13+
    • fix scrolling on chrome for iOS 13+
  • editor

    • add mod+d and mod+shift+d for duplicating widgets
    • use a temporary clipboard when duplicating widgets
  • misc

    • inspector: move script property to scripting category
    • ui: minor style tweaks


  • widgets

    • file: show save icon when mode is set to save
    • file: center icon when hidePath is set to true
    • sliders/pads: apply spring property dynamically
  • ui

    • add alt+wheel for local zoom centered on cursor
  • editor

    • add alt+c+drag and alt+shift+c+drag for duplicating dragged widgets


  • bug fixes:

    • project tree: filter input position issue when scrolling
    • sliders/pads: apply spring property dynamically
  • project tree

    • select range of contiguous widgets with shift + click
  • misc

    • plot: remove unused filters property; fix description for rangeX and rangeY
    • console: focus input when the console opens


  • bug fixes

    • switch: widget not reacting at first touch when traversing is enabled on parent
    • sliders: disable mousewheel when spring is enabled
  • widgets

    • script: add once event mode
    • encoder: remove spring property
  • custom module

    • expose process global
  • scripting

    • add openUrl function


  • bug fixes

    • modal: issues with children's visibility
    • console: allow multiple arguments in console.log()
  • ui

    • launcher: add many keyboard shortcuts
    • client: add keyboard shortcuts for clearing the console
  • scripting

    • add setFocus function to focus an input widget programmatically
  • misc

    • add usePercents client option


  • bug fixes
    • script: issue when using the options argument in set() (options leaked to subsequent set() calls in the script)
    • multixy: decimals property not applied
    • multixy: spring behavior not working until all points are released
    • custom module: prevent require() from reading submodules files each time and instead return the object in memory


  • launcher

    • add file browser button for the theme option and fix parsing path containing spaces if only one theme is set
  • windows

    • remove ctrl+w shortcut for closing a window (use alt+f4 instead)


  • midi

    • add active sensing messages support (received as sysex)
  • remote control

    • restore /TABS command (for opening tabs by ids)
  • widgets

    • encoder: expose rotation speed in script (as locals.speed)


  • bug fixes
    • range: per-fader touch event not emitted properly
    • rgb: fix spring property
    • rgb: touch event not emitted


  • bug fixes
    • midi: debug messages displayed as errors
    • launcher: broken context menu


  • bug fixes

    • input: prevent focus when selecting the widget for edition
    • input: submit content when leaving focus, not only when hitting enter or tab (esc still cancels)
    • midi: prevent midi bridge from stopping when an error occurs; provide meaningful errors when connection fails
  • editor

    • inspector: hitting ctrl+s while editing a property will submit the change before saving
  • ui

    • hide the console toggle button when the bottom panel is minimized and the editor is disabled
  • widgets

    • file: add mode property, for choosing between open and save modes
    • switch: add flip mode


  • bug fixes

    • keyboard: allow note numbers up to 127
    • server: return http 404 error when a user-requested resource is not found instead of keeping a pending request
    • modal: visible property not applied correctly
  • project tree

    • add an input for filtering displayed widget by id


  • bug fixes

    • menu: allow manual line breaks ("\n") in labels / values
    • custom module: parsing issue when sending widget data using receive() (type attribute erroneously parsed as an osc typetag)
  • widgets

    • html property: allow "href" attribute on "a" elements


  • bug fixes
    • script: stops triggering osc messages under some circumstances


  • bug fixes

    • project tree: layout issue with deeply nested widgets
    • ios 10.3 regression
    • file browser: layout issue with long paths
  • custom module

    • add nativeRequire function (allows loading native node modules or locally installed modules)


  • bug fixes

    • canvas-based widgets not drawn when placed in a modal while having a conditional visibility set
    • text: missing decimals property
    • clone: fix usage of osc listener syntax (acts as if clone has an address property set to auto)
  • widgets

    • clone: make props property dynamic (avoid full widget rebuild when possible)
  • misc

    • increase client console history size and allow changing it with client url options


  • bug fixes
    • startup regression


  • bug fixes

    • (harmless) error raised when starting the server from the launcher with debug set to true
  • editor

    • display/save color picked values with css rgba notation instead of hexadecimal
  • widgets

    • modal: add ignoreTabs option (allows overflowing tab ancestors)
    • menu: add ignoreTabs option


  • bug fixes
    • ios: cloned menu not displayed correctly
    • engine: downgrade to fix startup issue on windows


  • bug fixes
    • editor: cloned dropdown and input widgets not opening when selected
    • widgets: prevent value-stateless widgets (tap buttons, clone, scripts, html and svg) from sending a value for cross-client synchronization (leads to unexpected script execution) and exclude them from state saves
    • input: apply decimals number before checking the value against the validation expression
    • range: steps and dashed property not working; remove origin property
    • config conflicts between launcher and server (affecting at least session history)


  • bug fixes

    • custom module / theme: prevent reloading the module while the file is being written to
    • server: if a theme is used, attempt to resolve image urls against the theme file's location
    • modal/button: prevent error when label is updated
  • widgets

    • encoder: add ticks property back


  • bug fixes
    • midi: mtc parsing error
    • custom module: hot reload cache issue on windows


  • bug fixes
    • regression causing server errors


Important change

Prebuilt binaries are now supplied only for 64bit Linux/MacOs/Windows. Other platforms should use the node package or build it from sources.

MIDI support

As of this version, packages except the node package are bundled with a midi binary that will be used whenever midi's path option is not set. It is no longer necessary to install python and python-rtmidi.


  • bug fixes

    • editor: missing context menu (copy, paste) in inspector inputs
    • widgets: osc listeners not resolving "auto" address
    • cli: ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE headless mode not working without --no-gui option
    • ios: clone widget not laid out properly in horizontal panels
    • ui: missing vertical scrollbar when root's height overflows the workspace
    • server: provide readable error when a file requested by the client file is not found
    • tab: content not drawn when changing visible property
    • matrix: addresses not generated property when matrix' address is auto
  • ui

    • add console bottom panel with a simple script interpreter
  • widgets

    • keyboard: add velocity property (allows mapping the touch coordinates between off (top) and on (bottom))
    • input: add validation property (allows defining a regular expression that the value must match)
    • modal: add relative position property
  • midi

    • accept sending sysex strings without spaces between the bytes
    • load prebuilt midi binary on 64bit linux/windows/osx
    • add support for midi time code messages
  • misc

    • sessions converted from v0 will use the widget's html property to display the former label property


  • bug fixes
    • matrix: issues when changing non-dynamic properties (content not properly removed)
    • input: apply default value when receiving an empty value or no value at all


  • bug fixes

    • keyboard: prevent script property from being copied to each key
  • widgets

    • keyboard: make on and off properties dynamic
    • script: add getIndex function
    • matrix/keyboard: id variable in script is now the id of the child widget that triggered the event


  • bug fixes

    • range: error when setting default property
    • range: fix doubleTap property
  • widgets

    • all: add html property to allow inserting custom content in widgets (label, value, etc) and style it with the css property.
  • scripting:

    • send(): ignore the widget's bypass property (allows bypassing default messages and define custom ones)
    • set(): add supports for wildcards in the id parameter
    • set(): add a 3rd optional parameter for preventing further script executions and/or osc messages from being sent
  • custom module

    • automatically reload custom module when the file is modified
    • add support for loading submodules with require()
  • theme

    • automatically reload theme when the file is modified


  • bug fixes

    • ssl: generate unique certificates (with random serial numbers) to avoid reuse errors. Certificates generated with older versions of o-s-c will be updated automatically.
    • ~/ path prefix not recognized when using remote control commands like /SESSION/SAVE
    • ~/ path prefix not recognized in remote-root option
    • editor: paste ID+1: midi-related addresses should not be incremented
  • remote control

    • add /STATE/OPEN and /STATE/SAVE commands
    • ignore unsaved changes when loading a session with /SESSION/OPEN
    • resolve relative file paths against remote-root setting


  • bug fixes
    • editor: error when preArgs and address are modified at the same time (affects /EDIT command and matrix/clone widgets)


  • bug fixes

    • launcher: midi device names containing multiple spaces not parsed correctly
    • fullscreen: lack of support not detected on some ios devices
    • multixy: labels not hidden when ephemeral is true
  • remote control

    • add /SESSION/OPEN and /SESSION/SAVE commands


  • bug fixes

    • widgets: touch state scripts not triggering some synchronization mechanism
  • widgets

    • encoder: remove steps, ticks and origin properties
    • encoder: make sensitivity work with values below 1


  • bug fixes

    • image: broken value validation
    • menu/dropdown: use correct z-index
    • dropdown: prevent dropdown from opening when selecting the widget for edition
  • editor

    • holding alt extends the north-west handle to the widget's size to ease dragging
    • widget properties reordered (e.g. style-related properties, even widget-specific, are now under the "style" category)
  • widgets

    • remove colorBg for all widgets except containers
    • widgets background color is now transparent by default (can be overridden with css)
    • keyboard: added colorBlack and colorWhite properties to customize key colors
    • dropdown/menu: add label property (with support easy key/value display)
    • dropdown/menu: add icon toggle property
    • modal: add popupPadding property to control the button's and the container's padding independently


  • bug fixes
    • multixy/range: prevent some extra touch state events;`


  • bug fixes

    • project tree: error when dropping a widget at its initial position
  • editor

    • validate property change when clicking on a widget
    • cancel property change when hitting escape
    • add menu and keyboard shortcuts to reorder widgets
    • add keyboard shortcut to show widget in project tree
    • selected widget is not showed on top of the others anymore
  • widgets

    • expose widgets unique identifiers with property name "uuid"
    • xy/multixy: add ephemeral property
    • fader/knob/xy/range/multixy: remove touchAddress property
    • fader/knob/xy/range/multixy: expose touch state in script property (touchAddress usages will be converted automatically)


  • bug fixes

    • editor: hide impossible actions from context-menu (eg adding widgets in tab containers)
    • editor: error when selecting a tab/root widget while a property field contains unsubmitted changes
    • panel: layout issue with tabs & lineWidth property
    • input: extend focusable area
  • midi

    • remove variable args in sysex messages (dynamic properties and scripting can be used to this effect)
    • add support for sending sysex bytes as integers
    • allow sending any system message (eg MIDI time code)
    • add support for receiving MIDI time code messages (as raw sysex) (requires adding the mtc flag to the midi configuration)


  • scripting

    • expose toolbar menu actions
  • remote control

    • optimise small changes made with /EDIT
  • widgets

    • button: add wrap and vertical properties
    • root: add width and height properties (helps building mobile layouts)


  • bug fixes

    • editor: id not incremented when pasting multiple widgets with id+1
  • main

    • remove support for extra args in the custom-module option (fixes some path issues)
  • widgets

    • all: add lineWidth style property
    • knob: add solid & line designs
    • fader: add knobSize property
  • editor

    • preserve percentages in position/size
    • add 'Relative units (%)' option to use percents automatically on new widgets


  • bug fixes

    • iOS 14+ scrolling issue
  • midi

    • add support for channel pressure and key pressure messages
  • widgets

    • svg: remove support for non-standard %x and %y units; fixed layout update when resized;
    • knob: add support for custom dash/gap size in dashed property


  • bug fixes
    • script: broken storage.getItem and storage.removeItem
    • regression breaking remote-root option when starting with the launcher


  • bug fixes

    • modal: layout issue on iOS
  • widgets

    • panels: added contain property to allow scrolling in vertical/horizontal layouts
  • midi

    • add support for named ports in midi configuration


  • bug fixes
    • broken scrolling on iPhone iOS 13
    • window geometry issue


  • UI
    • windows' dimensions and position are now saved upon closing and restored at startup


This list is not exhaustive

  • compatibility

    • dropped support for iOS 9
    • firefox (75+) support
  • UI

    • overhaul design reworked
    • foldable sidepanels
    • removed lobby
    • added toolbar menu
    • display loading (spinner) in a notification instead of a modal
    • mod + w to close window
    • context-menu now use click event to trigger actions, not mousedown/touchstart
    • no more uppercase text by default
  • themes

    • built-in themes removed except orange
  • translations

    • incomplete russian translation removed
  • editor

    • project tree
    • dropdown for properties with multiple choices
    • color picker
    • preview numeric values for style-related properties set to auto
    • context menu: added "show in tree" action
    • context menu: removed "edit parent" action
    • allow copying tabs (to tab containers only)
    • shared clipboard across all clients
    • prevent interaction with widgets when shift or ctrl is held
    • ensure @{} bindings are always updated upon edition
  • widget changes

    • all: removed label option except for buttons, tabs and modals (one should use text widgets if needed)
    • all: removed support for null and "self" targets
    • all: added ignoreDefaults property (allows ignoring the server's default targets)
    • all: precision property to decimals, don't set osc integer typetag when 0
    • all: added typeTags property
    • all: multiple style properties to control visibility, colors, alphas and padding
    • all: added interaction (=> css pointer-events: none;)
    • all: added expand (=> css flex: 1;)
    • all: prevent html tags in label
    • pads: removed split property -> use custom-module or script instead
    • root: can contain widgets or tabs
    • panels: added layout, justify and gridTemplate to help managing layouts (especially responsive ones)
    • panels: added verticalTabs property
    • panels: added traversing property, allow restricting traversing to a specific widget type
    • fader: removed input
    • fader: removed meter
    • fader: added gradient
    • fader: added round design style
    • fader: support setting dash size and gap size in dashed property
    • switch: added layout (including grid)
    • switch: added click mode
    • plot/eq: removed smooth
    • plots/sliders/pads: reversed logScale behavior to match standard implementations; can be either false (disabled), true (logarithmic scale) or number (manual log scale, negative for exponential scale)
    • visualizer: added framerate property
    • visualizer: added freeze property
    • menu: always centered menu
    • modal: modals can't overflow parent tab boundaries
    • input: removed vertical
    • pads, range: when touchAddress is set, one message per touched point is sent, in addition to the former touch state message
    • eq: removed logScaleX property, always draw logarithmic frequency response
    • eq: logarithmic x-axis scale fixed
    • eq: filters are now defined with the filters property, leaving the value to its default purpose
    • eq: added rangeX
    • html: allow class, title and style attributes
    • dropdown: close menu when receiving a value
    • dropdown: removed empty 1st option
    • switch: removed showValues (inconsistent with menu/dropdown, feature covered by values property)
    • frame: allow loading non local urls
  • widget removals

    • push, toggle: merged into button
    • strip: features now covered by panel
    • meter: duplicate of fader with design to compact and interaction to false
    • switcher, state, crossfader: removed => state management functions added to the script widget
    • keys: merged with script
    • gyroscope: not compatible since chrome 74 unless o-s-c goes HTTPS
  • remote control

    • removed /TABS
    • added /NOTIFY
  • scripting (general)

    • removed MathJS language
    • reuse #{} syntax as as shorthand for JS{{}} (one liner, implicit return)
    • added locals variable, a variable store scoped to the widget
    • renamed global to globals
    • expose environment variables in globals: url, env (query parameters), platform, screen (width/height)
  • script widget

    • always hidden except in project tree
    • script property must not be wrapped in a JS{{}} block anymore
    • added stateGet and stateSet functions
    • added storage object, proxy to the document's localStorage object (allows storing data that persist after refresh/close (cleared with the browser's cache)
    • added setTimeout, clearTimeout, setInterval, clearInterval function proxies with an extra id argument (they clear automatically when called multiple times and upon widget removal. id is scoped to the widget)
  • state

    • quickstate (store/recall from menu) is now stored in the clients cache and persists after refresh/close (cleared with the browser's cache)
  • custom module

    • name is now the long name of command-line options (not a camelCased one)
    • receive(): optional last argument to pass extra options such as clientId
    • client id persist upon page refresh and can be set manually with the client url option id
  • launcher

    • config save/load
    • allow starting/stopping server without rebooting
    • syntax check on --midi option
  • server

    • renamed --url-options to --client-options and make them apply even in remote browsers (can be overridden with url queries)
    • removed --blank, --gui-only, --examples
    • hide --disable-gpu (cli-only)
    • added cli-only --cache-dir and --config-file
    • added --authentication option
    • added --use-ssl option
  • misc

    • canvas: better visibility checks to avoid unnecessary draw calls
    • visualizer: perf improvement (avoid data processing when not visible), all visualizers hook on the same loop to avoid concurrent timeouts
    • button: in 'tap' mode (formerly push with noRelease), never send/sync off value, automatically reset to off when receiving on
    • more detached DOM for lighter nested canvas widgets (ie multixy)
    • unified (kind of) dom html structure for widgets, known css tricks will require adjustments.
    • cache and config files are now stored in a folder named open-stage-control (located in the system's default location for config file). The .open-stage-control is no longer used.
    • added support for icons rotate/flip transform suffixes (example: ^cog.spin, ^play.rotate-horizontal)