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1. Menu#

  • Start: start the server (hidden when started)
  • Stop: stop the server (hidden when stopped)
  • New window: open a new client window (hidden when stopped)
  • Load: load server configration from file
  • Save / Save as: save server configuration to file
  • List MIDI devices: list available MIDI devices in the console
  • Console:
    • Clear: clear console
    • Autoscrell: enable/disable console autoscroll
    • Check for update at startup: enable/disable this feature

The "play/stop" icon can be used to start and stop the server without opening the menu.

2. Configuration form#

Each server option is displayed here. When clicking on an option's label, a short help will be printed in the console. When an option is not correctly set, it's label will turn to orange and an error message will be printed in the console.

3. Console#

The console diplays various informations, runtime errors and server debug messages.

Keyboard shortcuts#

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+W close window
Shortcut Description
Cmd+W close window
Cmd+Q quit app