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1. Menu#

  • Session
    • New session: create a new empty session and enable the editor
    • Open: browse session files on the server
    • Open recent: open a recent session on the server
    • Save / Save as: save session file on the server
    • Import: import a session file from the client's filesystem
    • Export: export a session file to the client's filesystem
  • State
    • Store: save all widgets' state to a persistent slot (stored in the client's cache)
    • Recall: apply state storer in the persistent slot (updated widgets may send messages)
    • Send All: make all widgets send their current value
    • Open: browse state files on the server
    • Save / Save as: save state file on the server
    • Import: import a state file from the client's filesystem
    • Export: export a state file to the client's filesystem
  • Editor
    • Enable: togggle editor's state
    • Grid: toggle grid
    • Project tree: toggle project tree's visibility
    • Inspector: toggle inspector's visibility
    • Relative units (%): when enabled, newly created widgets will have their position and size set in percents.
  • Console
    • Enable: toggle console's state
    • Clear console: remove logged messages from the console
  • Fullscreen: toggle fullscreen
  • Prevent sleep (mobile only): attempt to prevent device from going to sleep when idle

2. Sidepanels#

The sidepanels are only visible when the editor is active, they can be resized and/or hidden. Both are describe in the editor section.

3. Session#

It is the main component, it contains all the widgets and takes all the available space when the sidepanels are closed.

4. Notifications#

Notifications appear in the lower right corner, they are usually used to convey server status informations.

5. Modals#

Modals are virtual popup windows that may contain various content: file browser, color picker, error, widgets...

Keyboard shortcuts#

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+E enable/disable editor
Ctrl+S save session
Ctrl+Shift+S save session as...
Ctrl+O open a session file
Ctrl+W close client
Shortcut Description
Cmd+E enable/disable editor
Cmd+S save session
Cmd+Shift+S save session as...
Cmd+O open a session file
Cmd+W close client